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How It Works

It's very simple to create your blog with

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    Duplicate our template
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    Make your page public
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    Choose a subdomain and Publish
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    Enjoy your blog!

Recently I came across which literally turns your Notion page into a blog. After checking out a couple of their blogs I decided to give it a go. It was so simple to set up and I was able to easily move my old blog posts across.

– Sarah White, Blogger

Complete Blogging Platform

Features that enrich your blogging experience.

Static Pages

You can easily create custom pages like Contact, About, etc for your static content.

Static pages

Categorizes your articles

Assign categories to your articles. Each category will have its own dedicated page where you can see all the articles in that category.

Categories 2

Paginates your blog

Simply choose the number of articles you want in a page. automatically adds pagination to your blog.

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Quick and Intuitive Search Interface

Search for any article or page or category or link with an easy to use search interface. 

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Related Posts

Easily shows the other related articles at the end of each article.

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What People Say

See what others are saying about us.


If you’re looking to build a blog site for yourself I can unreservedly recommend 1000% committed developer with a Notion backend which makes content creation & editing best-of-class.

Mitch Olson, Behavioural engineer

β€œ is perfect for busy professionals to bring their idea to paper. Especially professionals that already are entrenched in Notion. This is the best way to get your blog within Notion and your Ideas published Rapidly; Great Product

Junaid Kalia, Founder of AINeuroCare


To me, the biggest benefit of writing in Notion and have it go into a blog is not necessarily the domain or the fast blog... but the time you save from having to open up some other tool or even setting it up.  

Notion to blog makes it effortless to publish so I can focus on writing.

Gene Maryushenko, Founder


MDX one is such a needed tool. I keep everything in Notion β€” if I can write AND publish articles through Notion, it makes my life that much easier

Bhanu has done such a good job of adding new features that I’m very much looking forward to seeing where it goes next!

Braydon Coyer, Sr Full Stack Engineer


I like that it has some solid website structure (rather than just a formless notion page), with dynamic notion content in the places where it makes sense.

Dom Zijlstra, Founder of


Just tried it: dead simple.

I like it how Notion features map to the rendered result, e.g. full page vs. narrow layout.  

Most important: you just focus on the content and use your Notion knowledge.

Alex Zeitler, Cloud Solution Architect


You’ve built the BEST and most customizable Notion<>blog tool that exists. Hands down. 

Dustin McCaffree, Software Engineer


MDX is a hosting platform that allows you to use a set of databases within your Notion workspace as a full content management system. Now all you have to do is create your content within Notion and select the "Publish" attribute. And that's it! makes it possible to post blog posts and pages to your website all without ever leaving Notion.

Tyler Martin, Content creator
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